About Us.

The company was established in 2007. Initially the company was engaged in supplies of world famous Dholpur Stone, Banshipaharpur stone, Gwalior mint & Pannawhite stone, Lime stone, Marble, Jodhpur stone, Jaisalmer stone, Agra Red stone, Kota stone etc. Within a short span of 5 years, the company successfully built an image of a genuine and trustworthy stone supplier committed to quality and customer satisfaction. In this period, the company got engaged in construction business also. After completion of many successful projects, the promoters Mr B S Rajput & Mr B K Rajput decided to convert their firm into a private limited firm. So in 2013, the company was registered as Wellstone Construction Private Limited under The companies act, 1956 having its registered office at Dholpur, Rajasthan, India.

Besides being one of the leading suppliers of high quality Dholpur Stone and other stone material as mentioned above, the objectives of the company are :

1. To carry on the business as developers, promoters, builders, contractors, colonizers, and to lay out, develop, construct, built, erect, demolish, re-erect, alter, repair, remodel or do any other activity relating to construction of any building scheme, roads, highways, docks, ships, bridges, canals, wells, springs, serais, dams, power plant, wharves, ports, reservoirs, embankments, tramways, railways, irrigations, reclamations, improvements, sanitary, all type of tender work & any other construction work.

2. To purchase, acquire, take on lease, or in exchange or in any other lawful manner any area, land, buildings, structures and to turn the same into account, develop the same and dispose off or maintain the same and to build townships, commercial complex, to manage or construct or other buildings or conveniences thereon to equip the same or any part thereof with all or any amenities or conveniences and to deal with the same in any manner whatsoever.

3. To carry on the business as planner, designer, engineers, promoters, consultants, advisors, interior decorators in all the matters connected with real estate and building construction to promote, manage and administer co-operative, groups housing societies for buying, holding, maintaining and developing lands, buildings, hereditaments, facilities, amenities and to manage, sell, allot lease out houses, apartments, flats, shops, offices.

Wellstone Construction Pvt Ltd.